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Build your own custom forex expert advisor without breaking your wallet

Do you have a trading system that you would like to make into an expert advisor, but don’t have the time to learn how to program it? The Trade Machine can build a full-featured trading system just for you, starting as low as $179!


The following are just some of the common features you can choose from when creating your custom expert advisor.

Lot Sizing:

1. Fixed Lot Size – determined by an input value you can set

2. Percentage of Fluctuating Account Equity – determined by a percentage risk factor you choose, changing with your account equity as it changes.

3. Percentage of Fixed Account Size – determined by a percentage risk factor you choose and an account size value you can set with an input value. Trade percentages are based from the account size you choose, which can be updated periodically as you see fit.

4. Percentage of Equity and Stop Loss – If you want to risk an exact percentage of your account per trade, we can determine the lot size from percentage equity and whichever stop loss you choose. For instance, if you have a $10,000 account and you want to risk 2% equity per trade with a swing high/low stop loss, then $10,000 * 0.02 = $200 risk. To find the lot size, we first need to find the swing high/low. For example sake, let’s say the swing high is 60 pips away. Now we determine that the lot size = $200 / 60 pips = 3.33 units.

Stop Losses:

1. Fixed Stop Loss – determined by an input value you can set

2. Swing High/Low – Stops are calculated based on a recent swing high or low price

3. Volatility Based Stop – Stops get wider as volatility increases and narrower as volatility decreases (volatility is typically calculated by average true range ATR).

Take Profits & Exits:

1. Fixed Take Profit – determined by an input value you can set

2. Trailing Stop Loss – Set the number of pips you want the stop loss to trail by

3. Breakeven– Move the stop loss to breakeven after price is a certain number of pips positive

4. Indicator Based Exit – You can also use indicators as a trailing stop or take profit. For example, you can use a 20 day Moving Average as a trailing stop.

Separate Instances:

With our Magic Number input value, you can run your expert advisor on multiple currency pairs at the same time or even on the same currency pair multiple times! You can also run it with other expert advisors at the same time.

Trading Hours:

If you only want to trade specific hours during the day, you can choose to have start and end times for trading.

Power Failure Safe:

All expert advisors are designed to be as power failure safe as possible. This means that even if the electricity or internet go down momentarily, once they come back online your expert advisor will pick up where it left off. We can also make sure all orders are placed with stop losses so that you are never exposed for more than you want to risk in the case of an extended outage.